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What Steps Do I Need To Take After Being Involved In A Car Crash


The first thing to do after a car crash is to make sure that you are okay. Next, make sure that you are not impeding traffic. Take a deep breath, look around, and make sure that you are no longer in danger. If you are off the road and you are out of danger, then turn off your vehicle. Check on the safety and condition of any passengers and of anyone in the other vehicle(s), if possible. Call 911 at that point so the police can arrive with appropriate emergency help. When first responders arrive, follow their instructions and cooperate with the police and emergency personnel and follow their recommendations. You may not realize how hurt you are. First responders are trained to assess injury. If they tell you to get in the ambulance and go with them to the hospital, you need to go, because they know better than you do whether you are hurt. The best way to prevent crash victims from having injuries that do not get addressed, or not having appropriate proof of their injuries, is for them to receive immediate medical care.

What Kind Of Evidence Should I Collect At The Scene Of The Accident?

Nearly everyone carries a cell phone with a camera these days. It is important to take pictures of the crash scene, the vehicles, any debris, the road, any surrounding intersection, and anything else that is going on. It may be your only chance to prove who was at fault. Write down notes about any conversations you had with any other driver, any passengers, or any bystanders and witnesses. If someone says they saw what happened, take down their name and phone number, because it could be crucial later.

Should I Call The Police After An Accident?

Yes. Absolutely call the police after an accident. Fortunately, most places have 911 and you can just call dispatch and tell them what happened. They will decide to send police and whichever emergency services they deem necessary – police, fire trucks or an ambulance(s). Reporting the accident is necessary for your own safety, for the safety of other people who arrive on the scene, and so that everyone can get appropriate medical treatment. Also, the police will then be able to take appropriate actions, such as issuing a citation to the at-fault driver and beginning the investigation.

Why Is It Important To Get A Copy Of The Police Report?

The police report contains critical information that will be necessary for your claim. It is something that is always requested by an insurance company. It is an official, objective documentation of the events and of the parties, and has all the vital information that you need for a claim. It is very helpful if the claim is disputed or a lawsuit has to be filed. Remember, there is not going to be a crash report if no one calls the police.

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