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Should I Ever Admit Fault For An Accident


If you rear-end someone because you were not paying attention and it is completely your fault, certainly tell the truth to the police officer. That is why you have insurance. The person you hit has a right to have their damages and medical expenses paid. However, rather than declaring that it is your fault, just tell the officer what happened, answer their questions honestly and let them determine who is at fault. They will have all the facts and know what the law is and are more qualified to make that determination than you are based on extensive professional training.

Should I Always See A Doctor After A Car Accident?

You should definitely see a doctor after a car accident. Oftentimes, the severity of injuries is not evident for days afterward. However, if you do not go see a doctor within 24 hours after the crash, it could really hurt any claim that you have if it turns out that you do have a serious injury. In other words, it is going to be difficult to establish the causation of that injury to the car wreck. When you have a car accident and you go to the doctor right afterward, they can examine you, they can document your symptoms and complaints, and they can order tests. Claim adjusters and juries have a hard time understanding how someone is making a claim for an injury when they did not seek treatment in the hours or days immediately following the accident. Documentation and examination is critical.

How Do I Know If I Have A Personal Injury Case?

You do not really have a personal injury claim unless you actually have a crash that was someone else’s fault and required treatment because without an injury and treatment, there really is no claim. A personal injury claim is based upon you having a bodily injury, physical and/or mental, caused by a trauma, which is caused by someone else’s negligence. The documentation of the claim and the proof of the claim is largely based upon the medical evidence. Without medical treatment, you cannot prove the claim. Doctors will determine whether you are hurt or not, and if you do not require any follow-up treatment, then you do not have a personal injury claim that is worth consulting an attorney over. If you have to undergo treatment that is significant, if you have ongoing symptoms (even if they aren’t major) or if you miss any time from work, then you have a claim and should consult with an attorney.

What If My Injuries Keep Me From Working? Is There Anything Else I Can Do?

Under Montana and Oregonlaw, you can obtain advance settlements for economic damages, and that includes wage loss. In Montana, you could present the claim for your wage loss and get that as an advanced settlement, prior to the final resolution of the claim. An attorney can put together your wage loss claim and submit that to the insurance company and recover lost wages for you.

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