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Bigfork Wrongful Death Attorneys

Fighting For Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones Due to Negligence in Montana

Losing a loved one is an unimaginably painful experience, and when someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing causes their death, the grief can be compounded by feelings of injustice. Seeking justice through a wrongful death claim can be a way to hold the accountable parties accountable and secure the financial support necessary to navigate life without your loved one. Bliven Law Firm, P.C. is here to provide compassionate and skilled legal representation to families in Bigfork facing these difficult circumstances.

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  • Handling the Details, So You Can Recover

    If you can’t come to our office to discuss your claims due to injury or grief, we offer hospital and home visits. Weekend and evening appointments are available.

  • Providing Answers & Solutions
    Taking on the legal system can seem overwhelming without prior knowledge or experience. Our Montana personal injury lawyers understand that this situation is not easy. That is why we dedicate our practice to helping those injured in various types of accidents.
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    All of the legal professionals at Bliven Law Firm, P.C. understand that each injured victim has a unique situation. We work hard to obtain advance settlements for medical treatment and lost wages before the final settlement.
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    Bliven Law Firm has been serving the injured individuals throughout Montana and Oregon for over 25 years. We have the tools, experience, and resources to effectively advocate on your behalf.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death

Some common causes include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Collisions involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians often result in fatalities due to reckless driving, distracted driving, drunk driving, or failure to adhere to traffic laws.
  • Medical Malpractice: Healthcare professionals can be held responsible for wrongful death if their negligence, such as misdiagnosis, surgical errors, or medication mistakes, leads to a patient’s death.
  • Workplace Accidents: Fatalities can occur on the job, especially in high-risk industries like construction, manufacturing, and transportation, due to unsafe working conditions, lack of proper training, or faulty equipment.
  • Defective Products: Manufacturers can be held accountable if a dangerous or defective product results in a fatal injury. This includes defective vehicles, appliances, medications, and more.
  • Premises Liability: Property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment. If someone dies due to unsafe conditions, like slip and fall accidents, inadequate security, or building code violations, a wrongful death claim may be appropriate.
  • Criminal Acts: Homicide or other criminal actions that result in death can also be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit, allowing families to seek compensation even if there is a criminal prosecution.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

The laws regarding who can file a wrongful death claim differ by state, but generally, the following parties may be eligible:

  • Immediate Family Members: Spouses, children, and parents of the deceased normally have the right to file a wrongful death claim.
  • Life Partners and Financial Dependents: In some cases, domestic partners or those financially dependent on the departed may also be eligible.
  • Extended Family Members: Siblings, grandparents, and other extended family members may be able to file if they can demonstrate they were financially or emotionally dependent on the deceased.
  • Personal Representatives: Executors or administrators of the deceased’s estate can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the estate and distribute any granted damages to the beneficiaries.

What Damages Could Be Recovered in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Potential damages may include:

  • Medical Expenses: Costs incurred for medical treatment prior to the deceased’s death.
  • Funeral and Burial Costs: Costs related to the deceased’s funeral and burial services.
  • Lost Income: Compensation for the deceased’s expected future earnings and benefits.
  • Loss of Consortium: Damages for the loss of companionship, support, and affection the deceased provides.
  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for the emotional despair and grief experienced by the family.
  • Punitive Damages: In cases of particularly egregious conduct, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar behavior.

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If you have lost a loved one because of someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions, it is essential to seek legal guidance promptly. Our Bigfork wrongful death attorneys at Bliven Law Firm, P.C. are committed to providing compassionate and effective representation to assist you in navigating this challenging time. We will handle all aspects of your wrongful death claim, from investigating the circumstances of the death to negotiating with insurance companies and representing you in court if necessary.

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