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Mass Torts

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Mass torts are an act or omission that harms numerous individuals or groups. These cases are often the result of negligent or recklessly malicious actions and can have lasting consequences either through causing permanent harm and injury or significant losses. 

Bliven Law Firm, P.C. firmly believes that those who intentionally cause harm should be held responsible for their actions. We give clients the compassionate support they need and the fierce representation they deserve. Our team of legal professionals focuses on the legal complexities of our client’s cases so they can focus on recovery. 

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Mass Torts 

Torts are civil cases involving individuals, companies, or entities that commit some wrongdoing that results in harm to another person or entity. Harm can include physical injuries, property damage, emotional distress, or financial loss. Generally, the entity responsible for causing harm is called a tortfeasor and may maintain liability for the negative results of their actions. 

Mass torts are civil cases that occur on a large scale. For example, a lab disposes of toxic waste improperly, causing caustic chemicals to contaminate the groundwater supply. In this case, the lab put the community dependent on the groundwater at risk which makes the case a mass tort – the damage hurt the masses rather than the individual. 

Ultimately, mass torts are defined by: 

  • The number of victims
  • Whether the victims live relatively close 
  • The similarities between injuries
  • Whether claims include a common cause like a single product or crisis

Types of Mass Torts

Because mass torts affect large groups of people and can be the result of wrongdoing by any corporate entity there are several types of mass torts. 

Types of mass torts include: 

  • Environmental Torts: These cases involve entities who damage the environment in some way causing far-reaching effects. For example, an oil leak can contaminate ocean water and destroy beaches, tourism, and local fishing industries. The harm caused by environmental torts can be diverse and long-lasting. 
  • Consumer Product Claims: A plaintiff may sue a company or manufacturer for harm caused by faulty, contaminated, or harmful products. Examples include malfunctioning equipment parts, contaminated food, mislabeled or harmful children’s toys. 
  • Pharmaceutical Torts: When a pharmaceutical company neglects to adhere to rigorous research and testing requirements and releases a product that creates health problems for patients there is grounds for a pharmaceutical claim. 

Difference Between Mass Torts and Class Action Lawsuits 

These cases can destroy communities for decades and have an almost incalculable impact on generations. Unlike class action lawsuits, individuals can make a claim and may be entitled to direct damages. In other words, instead of a lump-sum payment to the entire victim pool, mass tort damages may be awarded to each individual based on their circumstances alone. 

Constructing Mass Tort Claims

As mentioned previously, mass tort claims can be brought against an entity by individuals and damages may be awarded based on their unique circumstances. Due to these factors, calculating remedies in a mass tort case is complicated which is why it is crucial to have a clear case with quantifiable losses. 

For example, a person may lose work and wages because of side effects from a pharmaceutical product. They also have medial bills, pain and suffering, and attorney fees all of which may be quantified and summed up to make the total damage amount. 

It is also vitally important that anyone filing a mass tort claim collect evidence and present accurate documentation to support the claim. This part of the process is complicated and time consuming and should be handled by a legal representative. 

Support, Guidance, and Aggressive Advocacy

Bliven Law Firm, P.C. understands how devastating mass torts can be. Whether you lost wages, experienced pain and suffering, or even lost  a loved one, the damage caused by careless entities can never truly be quantified. However, our attorneys can help you build a case and pursue the compensation you deserve while holding the responsible parties accountable. 

Our team of experienced legal professionals can assist you with gathering evidence and building a customized legal strategy with your best interests in mind. At Bliven Law Firm, P.C. we take care of the complicated legal and financial issues so you can focus on what matters most: recovery. 

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