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Do You Know How Car Accident Settlements Work?

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If you suffered an injury in a car accident, one of the main questions on your mind might be “how do car accident settlements work?” We can help answer this question and many others in a free initial consultation and review. Our Kalispell attorneys want you to have all the information you need after a serious car accident. We can review your legal options with you during this time, so you can choose the legal path that is best for you.

How Do Car Accident Settlements Work?

After a car accident, injured accident victims often find themselves in unfamiliar territory. They may need to get their car repaired. They may need to tend to injuries. And they may need to deal with insurance companies.

Unfortunately, after an accident, insurance companies will try to pay you as little as possible for your injuries. They will do this by offering you a settlement. Injured accident victims want to get paid as quickly as possible. But accepting this settlement might be the wrong move.

If you suffered an injury in an accident, never accept a settlement without first speaking to an experienced car accident lawyer. Your lawyer can examine the insurance company’s settlement offer and determine if it is fair.

The Settlement Process

After your car accident, the insurance company will investigate the event. This is done by an insurance claims adjuster. Their investigation is not always fair or unbiased. After all, they’re trying to justify paying you as little as possible. For this reason, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who can conduct their investigation.

Once the insurance company concludes its investigation, they will examine the insurance policy and your injuries to determine how much to initially offer. They will then send you a settlement offer. This offer is their first offer and it is never their best.

After your lawyer receives this offer, they will begin the negotiation process. To improve their chances of success, your car accident lawyer will build a solid case to show the insurance company why you need considerably more compensation for your injuries. To do this, they may use:

  • Expert witnesses
  • Medical bills
  • Medical testimony
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Accident reports

The negotiation process can take months to conclude. Most car accidents resolve during this time. When the insurance company finally offers you a fair settlement, you can choose to accept this offer. At this time, you will sign the settlement and receive your compensation. When this happens, the claim is concluded and you are unable to ask for more money in the future.

If you are not happy with the insurance company’s final settlement offer, your lawyer might need to file a personal injury lawsuit and take the case to court. It is important to know that even if you file a lawsuit, your case can still settle before trial.

Getting Help From Our Car Accident Lawyers Today

The car accident injury lawyers at Bliven Law Firm, P.C. represent individuals who have suffered injuries in car accidents anywhere in Montana or Oregon. If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a car accident, we can help you deal with insurance companies. Our main goal is to get you maximum compensation for your injuries so you can rebuild your life after a crash.

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