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How Do I File A Car Insurance Claim


Whether an accident is your fault or not, you need to notify your own insurance company that you have had a crash. As far as the at-fault driver and their insurance company, in Montana, the police officer will provide the parties with an exchange of information form that gives each driver the name of the other driver, their insurance company, and their policy number. You can use that form to call the other insurance company and notify them of a claim; the other insurance company oftentimes will not process or act on the claim until they hear from their own insured driver.

If the other insurance company has contacted you, contact an attorney before you give a statement. Once you have given a statement to the at-fault insurance company and they have gotten information from you, everything you say will be used against you. The claims adjusters will absolutely take advantage of unrepresented parties.

Should I Continue Driving My Car While I Am Waiting For My Personal Injury Claim Or Case?

If your car does not suffer damage that makes it unsafe to drive, then you can drive your own vehicle afterward. Just because your car has been in a crash does not mean you cannot drive it.

When Should I Hire An Attorney In My Personal Injury Case After An Auto Accident?

As soon as you determine that you have an injury that requires treatment and that you have a claim, you should hire an attorney. An attorney is a professional whose primary objective is to help you and protect your interest. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better because the attorney can protect you from unwanted invasions of your privacy and prevent the insurance company from taking action and getting information from you that they are going to use to undermine your claim.

For more information on filing a car insurance claim in Montana, a free initial consultation is your next best step. 

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