What Experience Do You Have In Handling Motorcycle Accident Claims


I have represented injured parties in motorcycle and other vehicle wrecks for over 25 years. Montana and Oregonis a beautiful state and has a lot of beautiful open roads and wonderful rides. In summer, it is very popular for both residents and non-residents to ride on Montana and Oregonroads. Unfortunately, because of the nature of our roads and other factors, we have a lot of significant motorcycle accidents in this state. According to the Montana and OregonHighway Patrol’s Annual Report (2018), in 2017 alone, there were 379 motorcycle crashes; of those, 296 involved injuries and 22 were fatal.

Do I Need To Retain A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Even If My Injuries Aren’t That Serious?

Even if the bike did not go down, it is not unusual for people in a motorcycle accident to suffer a significant injury, even if they do not realize it at the time, particularly when it involves the spine or a concussion/brain injury. People get herniated discs or fractures, or concussions, that they do not know about until later. Also, in any motorcycle wreck, even when the rider is wearing a helmet, there is a significant risk of concussion/traumatic brain injury, even without hitting one’s head on the roadway.

If a person has any kind of dizziness, headaches, any loss of consciousness, any injury to the head of any kind, or any injury to the spine, they should seek medical treatment to see if there is something more serious than they originally suspected. Additionally, they should consult with an attorney.

What Makes Motorcycle Accident Wrecks So Much Different Than A Car Accident?

A motorcycle rider is not surrounded by metal and mass, and does not have airbags to protect them from the impact. This makes motorcycle wrecks unique and often more serious. Another major factor is the fact that automobile drivers simply do not always see motorcycle riders. Even though the rider is doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing, cars and trucks will pull out in front of them, turn in front of them, stop suddenly in front of them, and make it impossible for the rider to avoid a collision.

What Type Of Injuries Do Motorcycle Riders Generally Sustain From Accidents?

Beyond the anticipated road rash and abrasions and those types of injuries, concussions/brain injuries are often seen, in addition to serious fractures of the extremities, and other fractures, like ribs. These injuries tend to be serious because the motorcycle rider does not have the protection around them from the vehicle that a motor vehicle passenger or driver does.

What Factors Determine The Viability Of A Motorcycle Accident Claim?

The critical issue is the liability and whether or not the other driver is at fault for the crash. This is sometimes not as clear as we would like, and requires us to do an investigation and sometimes reconstruction. If there is a citation involved of the other driver for following too close, failure to give the right of way, or failure to obey a traffic control device, then the case is particularly viable.

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