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Month: March 2012


A truck-driver delivering a load of bananas, died after losing control of his semi outside of Wolf Creek and falling approximately 150 feet.

The semi-truck driver was traveling on Interstate 15 south of Wolf Creek when the fatal accident occurred.

The truck drove off of a bridge when it failed to negotiate a curve on I-15 and fell approximately 150 feet.  The driver was a resident of British Columbia.

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downloadSnowy road conditions caused a multiple-car wreck on Highway 93 near Evaro Hill Saturday.

The Montana Highway Patrol said the snow caused a south bound motorcyclist to lose control of his bike. The vehicle traveling behind him, slowed and came to a stop. The third vehicle, however failed to stop and crashed into the the stopped vehicle.

Minutes later, oncoming traffic failed to slow at the scene and several cars were involved in a subsequent car accident.

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